Reasons to shop from us

Welcome to Jerkies Jerky Factory online. Our website is an extension to our fabulous Jerky Shop in Downtown Newaygo, MI. You can get the same great tasting jerky online as you can currently purchase in our shop. For those of you that haven't tried our Jerky, we guarantee you will not be disappointed! We have the best, most tender selection of Beef, Venison, Chicken and Turkey Jerky you can find anywhere.

All of our products are made from the highest quality meats, hand cut, seasoned to perfection, and slow cooked to capture the best tasting jerky you can find. We offer a variety of flavors in our beef, chicken and turkey jerky. We also offer a variety of flavors in our beef sticks. Our products are all sold in 1/2 pound and 1 pound package sizes that are vacuum sealed to provide the freshest high quality jerky available.